People are often asking me “I heard prices have been going up.  How much has the market increased?”  The answer is that it depends on where in the valley that you live.  When the market crashed, some parts of the valley decreased more than others and now that it is coming back some parts are coming back faster than others.

If you are curious about how much prices dropped all over the valley (by area) and then how much they have improved since the bottom (which was in 2011), you should click here to check out this great tool.  It is a map of Phoenix which shows price trend information by area.  You can then drill down and search by zip code or even by individual address!

I’m always happy to provide an analysis for you of home values in your neighborhood – feel free to ask anytime – but if you are ever just curious about what’s been happening all over town, this is a fun thing to check out!



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