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First impressions matter, especially when listing your home for sale!  You want to be sure to put the right foot forward when putting your home on the market.   The first three weeks your home is on the market is when you will have the most activity and when there is the most excitement about your home.  Be sure to take advantage of those three weeks as much as possible by making sure your agent has a bullet proof marketing plan (by the way, if the agent you are considering isn’t able to provide you with a copy of a marketing plan….do yourself a favor and find an agent who can).   I am including some tips to consider when listing your home:

  1. Price your home right – your agent can research “comparable sales” in your area and advise you of the appropriate price range for your property.
  2. Be flexible on financing terms – Have your agent explain what financing options are available to new buyers and what each option will mean for you as the seller.  Flexibility on financing terms may secure a better selling price.
  3. Time it right – Ask your real estate professional to determine whether the market cycle is poised to net you the most money.
  4. Make your property accessible to buyers – Lock boxes are a great way to make your home most accessible for showing.  Appointment-only showings (where either you or your agent have to be present for showings) are the most restrictive.  If your lifestyle is not compatible with frequent showings, your agent will help you determine a solution to meet your needs.  Remember, the easier a home is to show, the better the odds are of getting the deal you want.
  5. Use the latest marketing technology – make sure your agent utilizes the latest technology, such as internet sites and social media that cater to home buyers.  A good agent with have many technology options in their marketing arsenal and will know where you can get the best exposure for your area and price point.
  6. Stage your property correctly – put some items in storage, create more light, play soft music or otherwise improve your ambience.  Your agent can offer helpful advice to create the right first impression.
  7. Remember that selling property is NOT seasonal – do not base selling decisions on the seasons.  Properties sell year-round (especially right now since we have an inventory shortage).
  8. Re-evaluate the marketing plan – Re-evaluate your agent’s marketing plan periodically.  Make needed adjustments based on the current market and buyers.
  9. Analyze why you are not getting offers (if applicable) – Eighty percent of all buyer activity comes from signs and listings.  So, if you are not getting offers, have a beautifully staged home and are flexible with showing your home, it may be time to re-evaluate your price.

To get a FREE copy of my home seller’s guide, either on PDF or hard copy, which shows the rest of the 15 home listing tips plus a ton of other useful information to consider when selling your home, click here or email me at [email protected]  Be sure to include in the request that you’d like to receive your FREE home seller’s guide!  If you’d also like a FREE valuation of the value of your home, include your address in the request.

As I mentioned before, your agent should have a comprehensive marketing plan.  If you’d like a copy of my marketing plan, click here or email me at [email protected]



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