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Although most costs involved in a real estate transaction can be negotiated between buyer and seller, there are a lot of costs that are traditionally paid by one party or the other.


In the state of Arizona, the SELLER can generally be expected to pay the following:

  • owner’s policy of title insurance
  • homeowners association disclosure fees
  • real estate commissions (for both buyer and selling agent)
  • escrow fees (50%)
  • payoff all existing loans, liens and encumbrances including all associated costs and fees
  • pro-rated portion of real estate taxes
  • recording fee (50%)

In the state of Arizona, the BUYER can generally be expected to pay the following:

  • lenders policy of title insurance
  • endorsement fee for title insurance
  • escrow fees (50%)
  • impounds and interest on new loan
  • all new loan charges (including appraisal, origination and discount fees, document prep, etc)
  • home owners insurance
  • homeowners association reserve amounts due
  • recording fee (50%)

Generally, the cost of a home warranty and transfer fees for the homeowners association are negotiated with no general tradition to who pays (it really depends on what type of market it is).

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