Those of us who live in the Phoenix area know how hot the summers can be and strive to make plans to get away during the summer months to some place cooler.  But, depending on circumstances, we can’t always afford to get away as often as we would want to, if at all.  So, why not consider a “staycation” this summer?  I mean, we live in a city full of some of the most beautiful resorts in the country!  And since no one in their right mind comes to stay at these resorts in the summer months, the resorts offer deep discounts and incentives during this time.

Yes, staying at once of these amazing resorts doesn’t get you out of the heat, technically speaking.  But, if you spend time in the pool with a waiter bringing you ice cold beverages, or in the spa, or the bar inside, you won’t notice the heat.  I can speak from experience.  Last summer, at the end of June, my husband and I were sitting at home wishing that we had thought to book a trip for the long weekend of July 4.  We had waited too long and weren’t looking forward to sizzling in the heat.  We went online and found an amazing deal at one of the local resorts.  The rooms were super cheap and they were offering a couple hundred dollars in complimentary food and drinks over the course of the weekend.  There was even 20% off any service in the spa if we wanted that.  It was a ton of fun and because we never left the resort, we felt like we were “away” for the weekend.  Yes, it was still hot, but the pool felt amazing!

Check out this great article featuring some local staycation deals for this summer.



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