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We all want to be healthier don’t we?  But, it’s not always easy.  And sometimes the data and information we get is conflicting.  Some people say we shouldn’t eat complex carbohydrates, other say we need to have a balanced diet, or we need to not eat after 8pm.  And it just goes on from there.  But there is one way to be healthier that few sources disagree about, if any.  And this is to be sure to drink enough water.  This advice is valid for everyone, but especially those of us who live in the desert.  Not only do the experts agree that drinking more water makes us healthier, it’s really one of the easiest things we can all do to help improve our health.

Check out this article about the reasons to drink more water and let it motivate you!  http://www.absopure.com/blog/healthy-living/7-reasons-drink-water/  I know I’m going to commit to drinking more water, starting today! What about you?



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